Affiliate Tournament Schedule

Instant Challenges

March 5th: Instant Challenges are released.

March 8th: Instant Challenge submission deadline.

March 9-15th: Prep Appraiser review of Instant Challenges.

March 16-18th: Teams can fix issues from Prep Appraiser

March 19-27th: Instant Challenge appraisal.

Team Challenges

March 12th: IMPROV elements released.

March 15th: IMPROV submission deadline.

March 19th: Team Challenges submission deadline.

March 20-21st: Team Challenge Prep Appraiser review.

March 22-23rd: Teams can fix issues from Prep Appraiser review.

March 24-27th: Team Challenge appraisal.

March 27th: Raw Scores and Stickies sent to teams.

March 29th: Appeals deadline.

March 31st: Appeals dialog completes.

April 1st: Special Awards deadline.

April 2nd: Special Awards determined.

April 3rd: Final Scores reported.

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Pins are not currently available. We hope to have them by May at the latest. Orders must be placed by a team, they are not available for purchase by individuals.