bubble 1We offer three packages depending on the number of teams that you plan to start.

Rising Stars Team (Early Learners) | 5-10 members | Rising Stars! Team Pack | $60*
(noncompetitive, ages 4-7) | (About $12 per student with a team of 10)

One Team | 2-7 members | 1-Team Pack | $145*
(About $37 per student with a team of seven)

Five Teams or More| 2-7 members | 5-Team Plus Pack | $415*
(About $28 per student with five teams of seven)
Purchasers that have 5 teams issued in a program season can purchase additional team packs for $83.00 each.


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  • Destination Imagination administers its program through state and country Affiliates worldwide.
  • The Affiliate fees* will be added to the purchase of your Team-Pack
  • Your Destination Imagination local representative will contact you about any scheduled trainings or Instant Challenge days.

NOTE: An affiliate fee of $115.00per team will be added to the team packages below to cover all affiliate sponsored tournaments, team manager trainings, and Instant Challenge days.  The Rising Stars team affiliate fee will be an extra $60 per team.