Welcome to South Dakota Destination Imagination

Destination Imagination is an extracurricular, school sponsored program that fosters creativity, team-based problem solving and life skills for students in kindergarten through college. The goal of Destination Imagination is to cultivate the creative problem-solving process and make it a part of a student’s everyday life. Teams work together to solve open-ended Challenges, using their imaginations and Creative Problem Solving Tools. Teams of up to seven students prepare and participate in both a Team Challenge and an Instant Challenge at regional competitions. The solution to the Team Challenge is developed over a three to six month period. The team designs and creates, without adult assistance, all props, costumes and other artistic and/or technical elements necessary to bring the presentation to life. Instant Challenges are designed to teach students how to think quickly, creatively and strategically. At tournaments, the team is given an Instant Challenge they have not seen before. For example, a team may be asked to create a skit about a mouse’s happiest day, make up a story using a given set of items, manipulate materials to build a structure, or develop a non-verbal communication system with their team members in order to complete a given task. Team members then have a few minutes to think and develop their strategy and a brief period of time to respond to the challenge. DI provides and promote opportunities to develop lifelong skills that are essential in our ever-changing world.

Get Involved

Here in South Dakota, we are looking for support in a variety of ways. DI is a volunteer- run organization, so we depend heavily on the efforts and energy of volunteers. If you are interested in giving your time to and organization that encourages STEAM skills, we would love to have you! We keep businesses, organizations, or professionals in mind who can offer learning experiences to our participants. Children can do amazing things, but sometimes they need extra knowledge and resources from experts! Just remember- you cannot help them with their problem solution.There are many options to partner with South Dakota DI. Volunteering time, resources, knowledge, or financial assistance is just the start. We would love to chat with you more about South Dakota DI and find how you can partner with us!

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