Affiliate Tournament Schedule

Instant Challenges

March 5th: Instant Challenges are released.

March 8th: Instant Challenge submission deadline.

March 9-15th: Prep Appraiser review of Instant Challenges.

March 16-18th: Teams can fix issues from Prep Appraiser

March 19-27th: Instant Challenge appraisal.

Team Challenges

March 12th: IMPROV elements released.

March 15th: IMPROV submission deadline.

March 19th: Team Challenges submission deadline.

March 20-21st: Team Challenge Prep Appraiser review.

March 22-23rd: Teams can fix issues from Prep Appraiser review.

March 24-27th: Team Challenge appraisal.

March 27th: Raw Scores and Stickies sent to teams.

March 29th: Appeals deadline.

March 31st: Appeals dialog completes.

April 1st: Special Awards deadline.

April 2nd: Special Awards determined.

April 3rd: Final Scores reported.


South Dakota DI Pins

The pins have finally been delivered and we’re ready to take your orders, we would still like to get orders by the team, to cut down on the shipping, unless you’re an individual that’s ordering a lot of pins! The vans have a lot of colors, glitter, and the wheels move! We are so excited for these pins, and we want to thank The DI Dudes and Dudets from Tri-Valley for giving us the idea for the pins. Checkout the order form here! [gview file=””] [gview file=””]